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Our new Driver App integrates seamlessly with our award winning Walk-around Check Mobile App and our Online Driver Portal to create a single truly indispensable tool for both coach drivers and the traffic office.

The app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, allows drivers to view a list of the bookings they have been allocated to. On selecting a booking the driver can view its full details and then be guided step-by-step through each stage. When ready to start the driver presses a button to confirm they are setting off, and then presses it again at each pickup and on arrival at the destination. With each press the app records the actual time and location and updates the display with the details for the next stage. Actual times are automatically written back to Coach Manager.

The app can step in and out of Google Maps with just a single touch for access to its routing, navigation and direction features.

Of perhaps greater significance though is the ability for Coach Manager to raise an alert if a driver is late in setting off. Instead of not finding out a driver hasn't left on time until you get a call from the client, you can now be warned of the situation just a couple of minutes after the driver has failed to start the booking. Thereby giving you a far earlier opportunity to rectify the situation.

To help prevent this situation from actually happening in the first place, Coach Manager can send notifications to drivers to remind them of upcoming bookings.

The app is available free of charge for clients with a current subscription or software maintenance agreement.


For further information please call Distinctive Systems on (646) 448-9981.


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