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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) earned recognition scheme was officially launched on the 24th April 2018.

Further to the participation of several of our clients in the pilot, we are pleased to announce that Distinctive Systems has been appointed a validated IT Supplier for the scheme.

The DVSA has classified a total of nine coach operators as founder members of the earned recognition scheme.  Of these, seven are ours clients and gained their acceptance onto the scheme using our Vehicle Maintenance System.  They are: -

Barnes Coaches Ltd
Coliseum Coaches Ltd
Country Lion (Northampton) Ltd
H Luckett & Co Ltd
Stanley Travel (North East) Ltd
Stewarts Coaches Ltd
Worthing Coaches Ltd

We are pleased to include a few comments on how things went: -

Barnes Coaches
“Distinctive Systems has really helped us with a smooth introduction to Earned Recognition. Any small problems have been sorted incredibly quickly with the help of Paul.  The system is also extremely user friendly.”

Country Lion
“Country Lion has worked hard to achieve Earned recognition founder member status.  This could not have happened without the support and dedication of the staff at Distinctive Systems who have guided us through the installation and set-up of the VMS system.  This is proving to be an invaluable tool in enabling us to achieve the high maintenance standards required of Earned Recognition.”

"Lucketts have been committed to taking part in the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme since its inception some years ago.  Part of the DVSA requirements is for operators to have electronic maintenance records, a facility that wasn’t initially available in the Distinctive Systems Vehicle Maintenance System (VMS).  The Lucketts Team worked hand in hand with the developers at Distinctive Systems to help deliver the required capability to meet the Earned Recognition Scheme requirements.

VMS has been enhanced by the developers and the required reporting process is seamless.  It works away in the background, delivering the required reporting to DVSA, allowing Lucketts staff to get on with their important day job keeping the Lucketts vehicles maintained to the very highest standards."

Stanley Travel
“Stanley Travel moving to Earned Recognition was made straightforward due to the support from Distinctive Systems. They helped us all the way through the trial period and I’m sure will do so in the future, VMS and ER work hand in hand.”

From the DVSA earned recognition website: -

DVSA earned recognition is a new way for organisations with lorries, buses and coaches to prove they meet driver and vehicle standards.

They’ll regularly share performance information with DVSA, such as their MOT initial pass rates and if their drivers have broken drivers’ hours rules.

In return, their vehicles are less likely to be stopped for roadside inspections, saving them time and money.  DVSA will still stop vehicles if they’re in an obviously dangerous condition.

This will allow DVSA to target more of its enforcement activities at the high-risk traffic who put other road users in danger.

For further information please call Distinctive Systems on 01904 692269.

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