Product Comparison

VMS and VMS Express key feature comparison

Please be aware that the following table is only a comparison of what we consider to be the most important differences between the two systems; there are many more minor differences. Please contact us if you would like a more detailed comparison.

Feature Full Version Express Version
Multiple Operating Base Structure Optional
DVSA Earned Recognition Compliant
iOS and Android Walk-around Check and Defect Reporting Apps
Highly Visual Graphical Bay Planner
Graphical Workshop Optimiser
Unlimited Additional Fields with User Definable Title and Data Type Limited
Security Limited
User Definable Reports Limited
User Definable Grid Designer
User Definable Activity Types
Implementation of DVSA Inspection Manual Structure
Implementation of DVSA Reasons For Failure Structure
User Definable Job Cards
Electronic Job Card
Scheduled Activities Six Month View
Accidents and Incidents
User Definable Employee Types and Skills
Systemwide Notes
Systemwide Codes
Coach Manager Integration
Stock Control Module Optional Optional
Invoicing and Sales Ledger Module Optional Optional

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