Coach Manager Webinars

Our Coach Manager webinars are recorded presentations covering the use of every area of the system, including our online portals and the driver app.

Our Coach Manager webinars are recorded presentations covering the use of every area of the system, including our online portals and the driver app.

There are currently 14 webinars for Coach Manager and you are free to view as many as you wish. You can watch them in turn if you need to learn about the entire system. This would be equivalent to attending both the basic and advanced days of the Coach Manager classroom or online course. Alternatively, you could pick just one or two webinars if there is a specific area of the system you would like to focus on.

The webinars are listed below by title with a summary of the content for each one.

Access is free of charge for all clients with a current software maintenance or subscription agreement for Coach Manager. You must register individually for each webinar you would like to watch. Click on a webinar title below and you will be prompted for your name, your email address, your company name and your Coach Manager software serial number*.

On receipt of your registration request, our training team will validate your details and then send you the relevant links for you to start watching the webinar. You can watch the webinar whenever it is convenient for you and as many times as you like. If you have registered for more than one webinar then you can watch them in any order. We use GoToWebinar to handle registration requests and host the webinars online. 

To obtain your serial number - click the left side of the grey information bar at the bottom of the Coach Manager main screen until your serial number is displayed.

Coach Manager Webinars
Drivers, Vehicles, Clients & Locations 
  • Setup
  • Buttons
  • Drivers
  • Vehicles
  • Clients
  • GDPR
  • Locations
Quotations & Private Hires 
  • Quotation Setup
  • Buttons
  • Adding/Declining Quotations
  • Quotation Mapping
  • Quotation PDF’s
  • Quotation Letters
  • Converting Quotations to Private Hires
  • Adding/Cancelling Private Hires
  • Private Hire Mapping
  • Tasks
  • Private Hire PDF’s
  • Private Hire Letters
  • Previewing Work Tickets
  • Previewing Invoices
Contract Bookings 
  • Buttons
  • Adding New Contracts
  • Pricing/Adjustments
  • Mapping Routes
  • Previewing Invoices
  • Previewing Work Tickets
  • Adding PDFs
Invoices & Sales Ledger 
  • Preview/Print Invoices Individually
  • Bulk Producing Invoices
  • Free Entry Invoicing/Credit Notes
  • Sales Ledger Setup
  • Sales Ledger
  • Making Payments
  • Credit Notes
  • Statements
Diary, Allocations & Scheduling 
  • Diary
  • Allocations Screen
  • Previewing/Printing/Emailing Work Tickets
  • Allocating/Removing Vehicles & Drivers
  • Allocation Warnings
  • Scheduling Screen
  • Scheduling/Removing Vehicles & Drivers
  • Day Log Messages
Reports & Work Tickets 
  • Preview/Print/Exporting Reports
  • Bulk Printing of Work Tickets
  • Emailing Work Tickets
  • Bulk Mobile Work Tickets
  • Online Portal Notification Work Tickets
Driver Logs & Vehicle Logs 
  • Setup
  • Adding/Deleting Logs
  • Log Planner
  • Driver Availability
Driver Hours Check & Warnings 
  • Setup
  • Allocation Warnings
  • Log Warnings
  • Day Check
Data Titles, Codes & User Defined Reports 
  • Setting up Data Titles
  • Setting up Codes
  • Building User Defined Reports
Licence Check Integration 
  • Signing Up
  • Setup
Pricing Schemes & Location Pricing 
  • Setup
  • Pricing Schemes
  • Price Calculator
  • Pricing within Private Hires & Quotations
  • Location Pricing in Clients
  • Location Pricing
Setup & Security Overview 
  • Basic/Global Setup
  • Email
  • Mapping/GPS Providers
  • Security Setup
  • Revisions
Driver App & Portal Overview 
  • Setup of portals
  • Online Quotations
  • Client Portal
  • Driver Online Portal
  • Operations Portal
  • Driver App
  • Vehicle & Driver Actuals
Coach Manager Online Overview 
  • Setup
  • Building Web Pages
  • Adding Pages to the Website
Vehicle Maintenance System Walk-around Check Edition 
  • Setup
  • Creating Templates
  • Employee Passwords
  • Driver App
  • Driver Reported Defects
  • Employee Walk-around Checks
  • Reports