Vehicle Maintenance System Webinars

Our VMS webinars are recorded presentations covering the use of every area of the system.


Our VMS webinars are recorded presentations covering the use of every area of the system.

There are currently 14 webinars for VMS and you are free to view as many as you wish. You can watch them in turn if you need to learn about the entire system. This would be equivalent to attending the VMS classroom or online course. Alternatively, you could pick just one or two webinars if there is a specific area of the system you would like to focus on.

The webinars are listed below by title with a summary of the content for each one

Access is free of charge for all clients with a current software maintenance or subscription agreement for VMS. You must register individually for each webinar you would like to watch. Click on a webinar title below and you will be prompted for your name, your email address, your company name and your VMS software serial number*.

On receipt of your registration request, our training team will validate your details and then send you the relevant links for you to start watching the webinar. You can watch the webinar whenever it is convenient for you and as many times as you like. If you have registered for more than one webinar then you can watch them in any order. We use GoToWebinar to handle registration requests and host the webinars online. 

To obtain your serial number - click the left side of the grey information bar at the bottom of the VMS main screen until your serial number is displayed.

Vehicle Maintenance System Webinars
Employees, Skills & Logs 
  • Buttons
  • Setup
  • Adding Employees
  • Skills
  • Employee Logs
  • Buttons
  • Setup
  • Adding Vehicles
  • Buttons
  • Setup
  • Adding Activities
  • Wheel Torque Activities
  • Wheel Torque Setup
Scheduled Activities 
  • Buttons
  • Scheduling Wizard
  • Scheduling Fixed Dates
  • Scheduled Activities
  • Moving Dates
Activity Diary, Six Months View, Optimiser & Planner 
  • Activity Diary
  • Six Months View
  • Workshop Optimiser
  • Workshop Planner
Defects & Nil Defects 
  • Buttons
  • Setup
  • Inputting Nil Defects
  • Inputting Defects
  • Discarding Defects
  • Creating Jobs to repair Defects
Accidents & Incidents 
  • Buttons
  • Setup
  • Adding an Accident/Incident
  • Creating a Job Card
Unscheduled Activities 
  • Setup
  • Buttons
  • Unscheduled Activities
  • Printing/Emailing Job Cards
  • Completing Jobs
  • Defects to Unscheduled Activities
  • Deleting Unscheduled Activities
Walk Around Check Module 
  • Setup
  • Creating Templates
  • Adding Vehicles
  • Adding Employees
  • Driver App
  • Driver App Reported Defects
  • Employee Walk Around Checks
  • Rectify Defects
  • Reports
  • Preview/Print/Export & Email Reports
  • User Defined
Security & Setup Overview 
  • Setup
  • Adding New/Edit Users in Security
Job Cards including EJC Overview 
  • Setup
  • Preview/Printing Job Cards
  • Emailing Job Cards
  • Setup EJC
  • Using the EJC
Tyre Module 
  • Setup
  • Buttons
  • Adding Tyres
  • Tyre Wizard
  • Tyre Management Companies
  • Tyre Contracts
  • Adding Tyres to Vehicles
  • Removing/Adding Tyres in an Activity
DVSA Earned Recognition 
  • Setup
  • Adding MOT Certificates
  • Reports
Stock Control 1 
  • Buttons
  • Suppliers
  • Parts Setup
  • Adding Parts
  • Stock Parts
  • Adding Parts to Activities
  • Warranty Claims
Stock Control 2 
  • Re-order List
  • Order Receipts
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Supplier Invoices Reports
  • Stock Transactions
Stock Control 3 
  • Picking List
  • Good Received