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Further to last year's release of the integration of GPS tracking directly into our Coach Manager private hire and contract booking system, we have now added several additional vendors. Our currently supported list of GPS vendors includes: -

PinPointers Telematics (UK)
TraffiLog (UK)
BigChange Apps (UK)
Bridge Fleet Solutions (UK)
Crystal Ball (UK)
Fleet Complete (CAN)
Fleetmatics (UK/US/AU)
Greenroad (UK/US/AU)
Masternaut (UK)
MiXTelematics (AU/UK/US)
Navman Wireless (AU/UK/US)
Quartix (UK)
Rewire Security (UK)
RoadSense (UK)
TerraMar Networks (UK)
TomTom Business (UK/US)
Trak Global (UK)
Transpoco (UK)
People.Net (US)
Saucon TDS (US)
Synovia Solutions (US)
TRBOnet (AU)
XRS Corporation (US)
Zonar Systems (US)

Additional vendors can be added on request.

The following is a brief description of how the Coach Manager GPS integration works for all current vendors.

The integration makes it easy to show the current location of a vehicle from directly within Coach Manager. The vehicle location can be displayed from within Allocations by right clicking the vehicle in the drag & drop grid and from within Scheduling by right clicking on the vehicle allocation bar.

In order to enable this functionality all that is required is to add valid login credentials for the GPS vendor into the Coach Manager setup area and to add a GPS unit ID against each vehicle.

As part of this functionality, a Passenger Recovery Movement wizard is also included. Once a Vehicle has been located using the GPS location functionality, the user can click the Create Passenger Recovery Movement wizard button on the toolbar across the top of vehicle location window.

The wizard uses the current vehicle position and the movement the vehicle is currently allocated to, to automatically produce the required movements for collecting stranded passengers from their current position, take them to their destination and, if necessary, return them back to their first pick-up location.

As the final part of the wizard, the user can also select if they would like to post the recovery movements to Coach Manager Connect for assistance by another operator.

The integration is available free of charge to all Coach Manager users with a current software maintenance agreement. Although the integration itself is free of charge, users need to purchase a Google Asset tracking licence from us for each vehicle they want to use with the integration (now free of charge). Please see the Coach Manager pricing page for further details.

For further information please call Distinctive Systems on 01904 692269.


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