To help ensure clients get the maximum possible benefit from our systems, we hold regular classroom based and online training courses. Every member of our training team has been recruited from our client base and has several years of real world experience using our systems in an operational environment. As a result each is ideally placed to help you and your staff achieve the maximum benefit and utilisation from our systems. Courses are free of charge for all users with a current subscription or software maintenance agreement.

Classroom Courses

Classroom courses take place in our new purpose built training centre at our office in York. Each course is open to a maximum of eight attendees, so please be sure to reserve as soon as possible if you'd like to come on one.

When oversubscribed, we maintain a waiting list for each course. If you have reserved a place but find you can't attend then please let us know so that someone else can have it.

Eligible clients have an annual allowance for classroom based courses which is detailed further down the page.


Online Courses

As an alternative to physically attending classroom courses, eligible clients can attend online courses via GoToWebinar.

The content for online courses is the same as it is for classroom courses. However, the way it is presented is adapted for an online audience. it can be harder for attendees to concentrate than it is in a classroom environment, so the day is broken down into four sessions lasting no more than 90 minutes each.

There is no limit to the number of online courses eligible clients may attend.


To reserve your classroom or online place please email

Coach Manager Tour Booking System Vehicle Maintenance System
Basic Advanced Basic Advanced Basic Advanced
Mon 17th Apr (Classroom) Tue 18th Apr (Classroom) Thu 20th Apr (Classroom) Fri 21st Apr (Classroom) Mon 24th Apr (Online) Tue 25th Apr (Online)
Thu 18th May (Online) Fri 19th May (Online) Wed 10th May (Online) Thu 11th May (Online) Mon 22nd May (Classroom) Tue 23rd May (Classroom)
Thu 8th Jun (Classroom) Fri 9th Jun (Classroom) Thu 15th Jun (Classroom) Fri 16th Jun (Classroom) Thu 22nd Jun (Online) Fri 23rd Jun (Online)
Thu 6th July (Online) Fri 7th Jul (Online) Thu 13th Jul (Online) Fri 14th July (Online) Mon 24th Jul (Classroom) Tue 25th Jul (Classroom)
Thu 10th Aug (Classroom) Fri 11th Aug (Classroom) Mon 14th Aug (Classroom) Tue 15th Aug (Classroom) Wed 16th Aug (Online) Thu 17th Aug (Online)
Mon 11th Sep (Online) Tue 12th Sep (Online) Mon 18th Sep (Online) Tue 19th Sep (Online) Mon 25th Sep (Classroom) Tue 26th Sep (Classroom)
Thu 12th Oct (Classroom) Fri 13th Oct (Classroom) Thu 19th Oct (Classroom) Fri 20th Oct (Classroom) Thu 26th Oct (Online) Fri 27th Oct (Online)
Mon 13th Nov (Online) Tue 14th Nov (Online) Thu 16th Nov (Online) Fri 17th Nov (Online) Mon 20th Nov (Classroom) Tue 21st Nov (Classroom)
Thu 7th Dec (Classroom) Fri 8th Dec (Classroom) Thu 14th Dec (Classroom) Fri 15th Dec (Classroom) Mon 18th Dec (Online) Tue 19th Dec (Online)

Coach Manager - Course Content

Basic (Coach Manager Express & Coach Manager) Advanced (Coach Manager)
Setup Setup
Clients Security
Drivers & Vehicles Data Titles & Codes
Quotations User Defined Reports
Private Hire & Contract Bookings Pricing System
Diary, Allocations & Scheduling Locations & Pricing
Coach Manager Connect & CHX Driver, Vehicle & Day Logs
Reports Driver Duties
Work Tickets Design of Grids (including Use of Warnings)
Invoices & Sales Ledger Driver Hours Checks
System Administration & Backup Coach Manager Online & CHX
Licence Check integration Licence Check integration
Driver walk around check application Driver walk around check application
New Features New Features

Tour Booking System - Course Content

Basic (Setup) Advanced (Operation)
Setup Clients & Agents
Parameters & Security Departures
Seating Plans, Pick-up Points, Accommodation & General Items Passenger Bookings (Direct & Agent)
Tours Invoices
Tour Departures Reports
Tour Vehicles Sales Ledger & Financial Reports
Website Design & Setup System Administration & Backup

Vehicle Maintenance System - Course Content

Basic (VMS Express & VMS) Advanced (VMS)
Setup Setup of Bays & Locations
Statutory Safety Requirements The use of the Workshop planner
Maintenance Items The use of the allocations grid
Activities Warnings and how they are managed
Vehicles Workshop Optimiser
Scheduled Activities Insurance & Certificates
Activity Diary & Six Month View Accidents & Incidents
Employees Security
Defects & Nil Defects Employee Skills
Unscheduled Activities Employee Log
Job Cards (Including Overview of EJC) Activity Rate Analysis
Tyre Module overview Job Cards (Including Overview Of EJC)
Reports Walkaround Check Overview
System Administration & Backup Tyre Module overview
Walkaround Check Overview DVSA Earned Recognition
DVSA Earned Recognition Stock Control Module (where applicable)
Questions & Answers Invoicing & Sales Ledger Module (where applicable)
Questions & Answers

Courses are free of charge for clients with a current subscription or software maintenance agreement. Clients have an annual places allowance as detailed in the following table. Please note that attending both the Basic and Advanced days of a course counts as as a single course.

There is no limit to the number of online courses eligible clients may attend.


System Users Free courses per annum
Coach Manager 1 to 5 2
6 or more 4
Coach Manager Express 1 to 5 1
6 or more 2
Tour Booking System 1 to 5 2
6 or more 4
Vehicle Maintenance System 1 to 5 2
6 or more 4
Vehicle Maintenance System Express 1 to 5 1
6 or more 2

Courses are designed to provide users with a good working knowledge of the systems as detailed above. No previous system experience is necessary, however, it is recommended that users attending the Coach Manager or VMS advanced course, should have attended the appropriate basic course first. TBS users concerned solely with the day to day operation of the system, as opposed to the setup of the system, may attend just the advanced (Operation) course.

Places must be booked in advance for both classroom and online courses.

Courses start at 10.00 hours and are generally finished by 16.00 hours. There is a break for lunch and online courses also have a short break in the middle of the morning and afternoon to help with concentration.  For further information about course content and availability please call us on 01904 692269.


Our new training centre completed in May 2020.